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A unique brand we carry in the showroom. Neolith is a large format, thin, light weight, and ultra strong material that is suitable for any application indoors and out. 

Visit the Neolith website to learn more about this sintered stone surface.

What is Neolith?

"Neolith is a lightweight, large format sintered surface. Sintered surfaces are growing in popularity as designers and architects become more familiar with the many advantages of the material. Made from entirely natural, recyclable products, such as crushed stone, Neolith is created during a process involving intense heat and pressure that bonds the elements to create a strong and sturdy product that is lightweight, UV resistant and very versatile. The sintering process eliminates the need for any resin or polymer. With color choices similar in appearance to stone, wood, or cement, Neolith presents a multitude of application options." (Pacific Shore Stones, 2021)

Read this helpful blog to learn more about the usefulness of Neolith.

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In Our Showroom

Think Neolith might be the right material for you? We carry a variety of panels and samples in our showroom. Visit our showroom so we can assist with your selection.

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